On Being a Pet Parent and Why it is Fun and Rewarding?

On Being a Pet Parent and Why it is Fun and Rewarding?

This last Sunday in April is probably one of the most important Sundays in the world.  Of course, this marks National Pet Parents Day, and we think this calls for a celebration for all the pet parents out there!

For most of us who have pets in the family, we chose to be called pet parents rather than pet owners.  While some of us are comfortable calling ourselves nicknames such as “Mommy or “Daddy when referencing our pets.

You’ve also probably heard from someone or read on social media where people say, “It’s just a pet or a cat.”  These people surely don’t know what it is like to love and to be loved by a furry companion.

As most of you may have already know, most of our team members, including Jonatan - our CEO, is a pet parent himself to Leo, who is the inspiration behind our small business.  I have asked them random questions, advice, and tips on being a pet parent, and here’s what they have to say:

William, who owns a Domestic Shorthair cat named Missen, shared that being a pet parent is rewarding because: It is stress-relieving; It reduces feelings of loneliness; and cats help to relax and unwind while they are purring next to you.

Jolinn and Julia, on the other hand, are co-parenting to Missi—our lovely office cat.  I asked them how they deal with their cat’s good and bad behavior.  They shared that she is a well-behaved (and sometimes spoiled) cat.  They reward and give her treats when she does something right and if she misbehaves, they just shush or tell her “No” or to “Stop.”

When asked what his advice for those that want to adopt a cat, here’s what Jonatan has shared to us:
  •       Have patience
  •       Give them attention and play time
  •       Feed them well
  •       Understand that cats are generally quite cautious and finicky so give them space and time to get comfortable in their new environment.

While we understand and do all great (and even weird) things for our pets, like planning birthday parties and vacations, buying treats that costs more than the things we buy ourselves, or weekly visits with their vet or pet spa, we really must understand what the dos and don’ts are when it comes to owning a cat.  So, I asked them.

For Jonatan:

Do’s: Take good care of them by feeding, grooming and giving them toys to play with.

Don'ts: Don't expect them to behave and obey the same way dogs do.


For William:

Do’s: Train them.  Cats are more intelligent than you’d think and there’s a lot of tricks you can teach them.

Don'ts: Don’t just “own” a cat.  Although cats are more independent than other pets i.e., dogs, they still need love, affection, and attention.


For Jolinn and Julia:

Do’s:  Always aim the best for your cat and make sure to be prepared that it’s not always easy to own one, but it’s so worth it.

Don’ts: Don’t get a cat for any other reason than having them as your family member that you will love and care for.


Life with pets is never dull.  From the moment they wake up or even when they are asleep, our pets provide us with effortless entertainment.  So, I asked them if they could share their cat’s mannerism or hobbies.

Leo likes laying by the window looking at the traffic outside while Missen has a unique “meow” every time he jumps up on the couch when it's naptime.  Missi always jumps up on Jolinn’s work desk to catch her attention or to just sit and look out the window.  According to Julia, her favorite sleeping spot is in her closet, wrapped in clothing, to the point that when she leaves, she leaves the closet door open just for her.

Our pets don’t care how we look, where we live, or what we do.  The only thing they care about is whether we are with them or not, because nothing makes them happier than our presence.  I guess that is one of the many rewards of being a pet parent. They bring joy to your day and love us unconditionally

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  – Anatole France


How about you?  What is the name and/or breed of your cat and why do you think being a pet parent is fun and rewarding?  Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Jane

    I have two cats. Iona is a domestic short-haired, and Tavish is a Maine Coon.I treasure their loyal loving personalities. Iona likes to curl up with me on the couch, whereas Tavish likes to follow me around outside and help me in the garden.

  • Susan Glenday

    I adopted a 14yr old Himalayan and so pleased I did – she is such a bud don,t know how I managed without her as my previous 16yr old caleco died of cancer. Iam a widow and I wish people being a senior would adopt an older cat and give them the love they deserve during there golden years

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