Happy National Pet Day: Celebrating Our Furry Friends!

National Pet Day

Today, April 11, 2022, is a national holiday dedicated to sharing our love for our pets.  The purpose of the National Pet Day is to celebrate our pets, of course! It may sound simple, but the joy that our pets bring to us creates a big impact on our lives.  From birds to fishes, to dogs and of course, cats; no matter what pet you have at home, this day is the perfect opportunity to show how much we love and appreciate them.

For most pet owners, National Pet Day may as well take place every day.  While loving our pet is a normal thing we do for them, let’s celebrate this day to recognize the joy and comfort that they bring to our lives and how much they mean to us.

How to Celebrate National Pet Day

There is no wrong or right way to celebrate this day.  However, we decided to gather a few ideas to get some quality time with your furry friend.

 1.  Post a picture of your pet on social media.

This is probably the most popular way to celebrate this day.  Post a picture of you and your pet using #NationaPetDay.  You can have a photoshoot to get the best selfie of you and your pet.  You can be as creative as you can. 

You can even create a social media account for your pet.  This is where you can share random pictures and see just how famous your furry friend can become!

2.  Have fun with your pet.

National Pet Day is also about spoiling your pet and showing them how much you love them.  Take them to a pet store and buy them their favorite treats or new toys.  You can also walk them to a park and just spend some quality time hanging out.  You can also teach them new tricks and reward them for their efforts.  No matter what you choose, just make sure to make it special and fun for your pet.

3.  Adopt a pet.

One of the goals of the National Pet Day is to bring awareness to the number of pets that are currently in the shelters waiting to be adopted.  Adopting a pet can be overwhelming so make sure that you have the timeenergymoney and extra love and care for your new furry friend.

4.  Donate or support a shelter or rescue.

If adopting a pet is not an option for you for now, consider donating pet supplies to your local animal shelter.  Make sure to contact them before buying supplies to donate.  Sometimes, shelter requires certain food brands and specific toys for the pets in their care. 

You can also volunteer and help take care of the animals in the shelters.  You can help by feeding and caring for them.

“Having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” – Rachael Ray

While having a pet comes with a bunch of responsibilities, it is still one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs out there.  The unconditional love that our pets give and the excitement that they display when they are with you is priceless.

Today, our pets deserve to be celebrated!  Take some time out of your busy day this National Pet Day and spend quality time with your pets.  Let us know how your celebration went!

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  • Susan Glenday

    I recently adopted a senior cat (14) as my previous cat had cancer. I realized that there are so many senior cats
    out there looking for forever homes and why not give them a great life in there golden years. (since I am a senior)Iam so pleased I adopted her as she has made my life a pure joy again. So anyone considering a pet
    please adopt a senior animal.

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