What To Do When Your Cat Won't Eat

What To Do When Your Cat Won't Eat
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Cats are generally able to go a few days without eating if they need to. However, if they suddenly decide to stop eating, it can be a sign of a more serious problem.

As a cat parent, you need to pay attention to your cat's eating habits, as this gives you clues on how they are feeling. If your cat is not eating, you need to find out the cause and consult your vet as necessary. Understanding the common reasons why a cat won't eat is also helpful so we can them get back on track.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating

Cats are picky eaters, but we should not assume that this is not the only reason why they don't eat. Here are common reasons why your cat is not eating:

  • Your cat may be sick
  • Your cat may have dental Issues that can make eating or chewing painful
  • Your cat may have Gastrointestinal Issues(digestive issues)
  • Your cat may be suffering from Congestive Heart Failure
  • Your cat may be experiencing, stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Your cat may be having challenges with its new food
  • Your cat's metabolism may be slowed down
  • Your cat may have a recent medication or vaccination
  • Your cat may just be full

How Do I Get My Cat to Eat?

For whatever reason your cat has stopped eating, you need to find ways to persuade them to eat so that their health doesn't suffer. Try these tips to encourage your cat to start eating constantly again:

One of the reasons why your cat is not eating is because it does not like its bowl. Some cats don't like deep or narrow dishes because it constricts their whiskers, while other cat breeds such as Persians and Himalayans prefer not to eat on plates and shallow bowls.

It is also important to consider a raised feeder that reduces the strain on your cat's neck and helps them prevent indigestion and stomach discomfort. Our Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowls help reduce vomiting, prevent acid reflux and other digestive problems.

Nobody wants to eat from a dirty plate, right? Neither do cats, and it is important to keep their food bowls clean at all times to avoid germs and bacteria from growing that can create a foul smell and can cause illness to your fur babies.

Our Stainless-Steel Cat Bowls are sanitary and germ-resistant and made from premium food-grade stainless steel materials.

  • Try other cat food brands or flavors

We humans tend to get tired from eating the same food so we look for different options to satisfy our taste buds. So do cats. If you have a specific brand you trust, feed them different flavors as your cat might find it refreshing to its palate.

  • Heat your cat's food

Most cats find their food appealing when it is warm and they can smell it better. Try heating their food before you serve it, especially if it has been in the refrigerator.

  • Don't put medications in your cat's food

Some medications have unpleasant flavors (usually bitter) and if your cat doesn't like them, it will refuse to eat the food with the medication in and in worst case will never eat that particular food or flavor again.

  • Feed in quiet areas

Some cats like to eat alone and away from other cats. Make sure to feed them away from the hustle and bustle of a busy area of the house or near the street.

  • Never force your cat to eat

Pushing food into their mouth is stressful for them and may lead to choking and food aversion. You should never force food into your cat.

Leo's Paw - Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl

End the Hunger Strike

Whether the idea that cats have nine lives and land on their feet at all times is true or not, they still need to eat to live and survive. A feline hunger strike is worth taking seriously and seeking help from your vet is still the best option to help to determine the cause and best plan of treatment for your cat.

Tell us:

Is your cat eating too much or barely at all? Have you had an experience when your cat wouldn’t eat? If so, what did you do? Share your stories and tips in the comments below!


  • Merrily

    I had a cat who refused to eat or drink. Took him to our vet and he was sent to University vet hospital ER. We were lucky we lived where there was that option. He spent a week there being force fed; we took him home when they suggested exploratory surgery. We force fed him for a week at home, until it looked like he enjoyed eating that way. Since he was on a different diet than the other two cats I still had to feed him where I could keep an eye on them. In the process I discovered that a cat will eat wet cat food off a spoon. So he became an exceedingly spoiled cat for the rest of his life.

  • Joy Dunbar

    At first I got stressed that my kitty wouldn’t eat her wet food, but then I saw her eat her dry, so I guess she just wasn’t in the mood for her wet food. Mom was pleased to see Sasha eat!!!

  • Sally E Gaither

    I would like to buy the pet vacuum, I haven’t seen it for a while. Please let me know if it is still available. Thankyou

  • Glenda Roland

    What is my cats fasination with water? Drinks all day, gets head complerely wet
    MaineCoon Tabby mix

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