Cat Scratching Board 3-pack

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Frakt beräknas i kassan.

  • Keeps your cat off the furniture
  • Provides an alternative place to scratch
  • Includes 3 scratching boards
  • Reversible design for double use
  • Made from recycled cardboard ♻️
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Cats instinctively scratch to keep their claws healthy, stretch their bodies and release stress. That's all great except indoor cats that have a tendency to target your precious furniture, which is not so great...

These scratching boards are the most affordable way to save your furniture while keeping kitty content. They offer a great way to train your furry friend to stop destroying your furniture.

Leo's Paw - Cat Scratching Boards

For the best results, apply Furniture Scratch Protectors where kitty usually scratches, and redirect their energy by placing one of these boards close by.

Your cat will quickly learn where not to scratch and the destruction of furniture is finally a thing of the past!

Leo's Paw - Cat Scratching Boards

Made of high-density corrugated, 100% recycled cardboard, not only will you be keeping your home safe from claw destruction, but by using these scratching boards kitty can do their part to help reduce waste and save the planet! Let those sharp claws dance away - knowing that Mother Earth is thanking them for it.

Leo's Paw - Cat Scratching Boards

Each board can be scratched on both sides which allows a more extended use per board with fewer replacements. With this set of 3 boards, kitty will have a whole lot more scratching to do.

  • No assembly needed
  • Minimalistic design
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Curved wave design
  • Reversible for double use
  • Includes 3 reversible boards
  • Boards size = 17.7x7.8 in (45x20 cm)
  • Box size = 18.5x8.2x3.1 in (47x21x8 cm)

Shop with us today and say goodbye to the endless scratching and destruction of furniture!


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