Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV
Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder - Your Cat&
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV
Leos paw Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV

Window Bird Feeder - Real Life Cat TV

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  • Gives your cat hours of entertainment
  • Contribute to the local bird population
  • Easy to install with strong suction cups
  • Large birdseed holder for less frequent refilling
  • See-through acrylic for easy viewing
  • In stock, ships from the US
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As a cat owner, you know how bored and restless our furry friends can be. Now, with our Window Bird Feeder, you can provide your cat with hours of entertainment and enrichment while also contributing to the local bird population.

This innovative bird feeder attaches easily to your window with strong suction cups, providing a front-row seat for your cat to watch birds up close. Made of durable and transparent acrylic, the feeder is built to withstand all weather conditions and can be easily cleaned and refilled.

Our bird feeder is perfect for cat owners who want to provide their indoor pets with a source of entertainment and enrichment, while also contributing to the local bird population. It is a wonderful addition to any home decor and makes a perfect gift for any cat owner who loves nature and wants to provide their cat with a stimulating environment.


  • Transparent design for clear bird watching.
  • Attaches easily to windows with sturdy suction cups.
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction.
  • Provides entertainment and enrichment for indoor cats.
  • Easy to clean and refill.
  • A perfect gift for cat owners who love nature and want to provide their cats with a stimulating environment.

Bring the beauty of nature to your home and give your cat hours of entertainment with our Window Bird Feeder for Cat Owners. Order yours today and enjoy the endless entertainment and enrichment it provides!


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Questions? We've got the answers!

Can birds see the clear feeder?
- Yes! Birds have excellent eyesight and placing a feeder on your window will break up the reflection the birds see of your yard, so they're not accidentally flying into the window and injuring themselves.

Will the bird feeder distract my cat from other activities, such as eating or sleeping?
- The window bird feeder can provide your cat with entertainment throughout the day and is unlikely to distract them from other activities such as eating or sleeping.

How do I install the Window Bird Feeder?
- It's easy! Clean your window, apply the suction cups, and attach the feeder to the cups.

How much birdseed does the feeder hold?
- The feeder can hold up to 4 cups of birdseed.

How often do I need to refill the seed compartments?
- The refill frequency will depend on the number of birds visiting the feeder and the amount of seed they consume. Typically, the feeder can hold enough seed for several days.

Can the feeder be used in all types of weather?
- The feeder can be used in most weather conditions, but it is recommended to bring it inside during extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or snow.

Is the feeder easy to clean and maintain?
- Yes, the feeder is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The tray is removable, and the feeder can be cleaned with soap and water.

Can my cat access the feeder or harm the birds in any way?
- No, your cat cannot access the feeder as it is designed to be placed outside the window.

What type of birds will be attracted to this feeder that my cat can watch?
- This will depend on the location and environment around your house. However, the feeder is designed to attract a wide variety of birds, including finches, chickadees, and sparrows.

How long will it take for birds to find the feeder?
- It's important to be patient when setting up a bird feeder as it may take some time for birds to discover it. However, with persistence, most birds will eventually find the feeder and return to it regularly.