Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy - Installation Guide

First time setting up your cat’s new Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy and need some advice? We’ve got you covered! Our helpful guide provides step-by-step instructions through video, images and text.

Assembly video

  • Keep the suction lock open (pointing up).
  • Place the suction base on a flat and clean surface, still with the suction lock open.
  • Press the suction base firmly toward the surface to remove air until a vacuum is created.
  • Close the suction lock as shown above.

    • Insert the wire into the hole on the suction base.
    • Make sure it goes all the way down and is secure.

      • Attach a bird to the end of the wire.
      • You are all set!

        Helpful tips

        • Dirt can prevent the suction from working properly. Make sure the surface is clean before installing the suction base.
        • Damping the suction base can help to create a stronger seal.
        • Heating the sticky part of the suction base can help it stick better.


        Disassembly & Replacing The Sticky Pad

        • To remove the wire, place two fingers on the circle surrounding the wire.

        • To remove the wire, press the circle down with your fingers before pulling it upward from the base. This helps prevent bending or breaking.

        • To remove the base, open the suction lock, pull the tab with force, and the suction base will come loose.

        Replacing The Sticky Pad

        • Once the original sticky pad loses its stickiness, replace it with a new one.
        • To replace the sticky pad, start by removing the old pad from the base.

        • Next, take the replacement sticky pad and peel off its cover.
        • Apply the pad to the base (press firmly), and then remove the cover from the other side.

        • Finally, attach the base as usual, following the assembly guide.

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