Mini Floppy Fish - Instructions Page

  • If your cat is unsure about the floppy mode of the toy during initial use, turn the motor OFF and present it with catnip to introduce them to the toy. Once the cat becomes familiar with the stationary fish, turn ON the switch to let them play with it happily.
  • Please note that the motor is not waterproof. Therefore, when cleaning the fish cover, make sure to turn off and remove the motor.
  • The toy is designed for indoor use only. Placing it outdoors may cause moisture and damage to the motor.
  • When using the catnip pouch, it should be placed in the inner side pocket of the fish. Using loose catnip inside the fish is not recommended as it may enter the motor and lead to damage.
How to use

1. Open the velcro pocket on the fish belly.

2. Insert a catnip pouch into the inner side pocket, unpacked catnip can remain effective for 30 days.

3. Turn the switch ON to trigger the flopping motion.

4. The toy will automatically enter sleep mode every 15 seconds. Tap the fish to reactivate it.

5. The toy will automatically switch between 3 different floppy modes in sequence.

6. After use, turn the switch OFF.

Charging tips

USB cable included.

Using a high-power adapter is not recommended as it may damage the motor. The recommended adapter to use is one with a power output of 5V.

Full charge is recommended when using it for the first time.

Fully charged in 1 hour, and can be used up to 150 times before requiring another charge.

🔴 = Charging 🟢 = Fully charged

Leos paw Replacement Catnip Pouches (for Mini Floppy Fish)

Replacement Catnip Pouches (for Mini Floppy Fish)

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Leo's Paw - Mini Floppy Fish
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