Furniture Scratch Protector 18x12"(45x30cm)

Instantly stop your cat from scratching and destroying your furniture.

Prevents cats from scratching furniture

Keeps your furniture in perfect condition

Transparent & discreet - barely noticeable

Super easy to install - takes less than 5 minutes







210,594+ Happy Customers

Recommended By Cat Experts

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"What a Godsend! Since installing these my cat has completely lost interest in scratching the couch. Easy to install and looks great. To all cat owners looking to put a stop to furniture scratching, this will do just that."

- John H. Verified Buyer

Say Goodbye To Furniture Scratching Forever

In less than 5 minutes

Our Furniture Scratch Protectors offer the most effective way to stop your cat from scratching furniture.

The best part? It takes less than 5 minutes to install.

The protector sheets are 100% transparent which means you'll hardly notice them and they can be installed on most materials, wherever your furry friend scratches the most.

Furniture is Expensive, Protect it

You probably spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your furniture. The last thing you want is for it to be destroyed by your cats and their claws.

Now you can start protecting the existing furniture and no longer have to hesitate about buying new furniture for the fear of it getting ruined.

Tired Of Your Cats Ruining The Furniture?

Scratching is something cats do to sharpen their claws, express emotions, and just get a good stretch. That's cute and all but why does it have to happen on the beautiful furniture?!

It doesn't! Our Furniture Scratch Protectors will stop your furry friends from scratching your sofa, armchair, drapes, table legs, and any new expensive furniture you're getting.

Easy as One-Two-Three

Step 1

Peel off the cover

Step 2

Apply protector in the desired location

Step 3

attach a twist pin/tack in each corner(optional)

Why Leo's Paw?

Created out of love for furry friends, our mission at Leo's Paw is to offer products that improve the everyday life of cats and cat owners.

Being cat owners ourselves we only offer what we believe is the best which is why we don’t overload with products, because we’re picky, just like our pets.

We're not a big soulless corporation but a small family-owned business passionate about providing the best for furry friends and their owners. We do this through products that are not only innovative but actually cat-approved.

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200,000+ Happy Customers

What Our Customers Say

''The best investment I've ever made. Literally. When you spend thousands of dollars on your furniture, it's worth protecting it too.''

Gregor R.

Verified Buyer

''You could barely notice it on my couch, and it very effective for its meant purpose. My Lilly has stayed away from scratching our (her lol) new couch! Thank you! I'll be buying more for sure.''

Angela C.

Verified Buyer

''Very easy to apply to furniture. I have new furniture and she is a kitten and started scratching. No more. These were a life saver.''

Cheryl K.

Verified Buyer

It's a No-Brainer. Really.

  • Stop stressing about always having to keep an eye on the cats around the furniture

  • Build a better relationship with your cats when you don't have to yell at them anymore

  • Keep your furniture in perfect condition even with a furry friend in the house

  • Transparent and discreet - Blends perfectly with the material

  • Super easy to install - Simply peel the cover and place where needed

  • Non-toxic clear vinyl - Safe for you, your furniture and your cat

  • Works on most furniture and materials

  • 1 Sheet is 18x12''(45x30cm)

  • Not sold in stores. We ship worldwide.


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