Finding the Best Cat Bed

best cat bed

Just like us, cats love a good bed. Similar to humans, cats look for comfort and coziness in a bed. So if your cat has been turning up their nose at their sleeping arrangements, perhaps you haven’t found the right bed. So this post helps you find the best cat bed that meets your cat’s needs and gives them the comfort they deserve.

best cat bed

Features of a Great, Fluffy Cat Bed

Cats have specific needs and preferences when it comes to their beds to ensure they feel comfortable and secure. Some features may be especially important for older cats or cats with specific conditions. Regardless of what type of cat you have, here’s what they need in a great cat bed:

  • Comfortable materials: Cats need a bed made from soft and cozy materials like plush, faux fur, microfiber, or memory foam. These materials provide a comfortable surface for sleeping.
  • Adequate padding: The bed should have enough padding or cushioning to support your cat's weight and provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Padding should support joints and pressure points, especially if have an older cat or a cat with any physical issues.
  • Size and shape: Cats need a bed that is appropriately sized for them. The bed should allow them to stretch out comfortably or curl up, depending on their preference. Many cats prefer round, oval, enclosed beds.
  • Security and warmth: Cats often seek a sense of security and warmth when they sleep. Beds with raised edges or bolsters can provide a feeling of security, and being able to cozy up can offer extra warmth, which many cats enjoy, especially in colder weather.
  • Easy maintenance: Cats can be messy, so a cat bed with a removable, machine-washable cover is essential for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Durability: Cats may scratch or knead their beds, so a durable and long-lasting bed is necessary to withstand wear and tear.
  • Non-slip bottom: Ensure that the bed has a non-slip or anti-skid bottom to prevent it from moving around when your cat enters or exits.
  • Style and aesthetics: While not a primary concern for your cat, choosing a bed that complements your home decor can be a plus.

Remember that individual cats have unique preferences, and what works for one may not work for another. Pay attention to your cat's behavior and find the best cat bed that suits their liking and provides them with a comfortable and inviting sleeping space.

best cat bed

Why Cats Enjoy Calming Cat Beds

When trying to find the best bed for your cat, it helps to understand why cats love to use cat beds that are comforting and calming so you can pick the right one. Cats use their beds for the following reasons:

  • Comfort: Cat beds are designed to be soft and comfortable, providing a cozy and warm spot for cats to relax and rest.
  • Warmth: Cats are known for seeking warmth, and cat beds often have materials that retain heat, making them particularly appealing to cats, especially in colder weather.
  • Security: Cat beds can create a sense of security and safety for cats. The enclosed or raised sides of some cat beds offer a protected space that cats find comforting.
  • Marking territory: Cats have scent glands on their paws, and by kneading or scratching a cat bed, they can mark it with their scent, which provides a sense of ownership and comfort.
  • Noise reduction: Cats are sensitive to noise, and a padded cat bed can dampen sounds, making it an ideal place for a cat to relax in a quiet environment.
  • Elevation: Elevated cat beds offer a vantage point, allowing cats to survey their surroundings and feel more in control of their environment.
  • A place to groom: Cats often groom themselves, and a soft, clean cat bed can be an appealing spot for grooming.
  • Relaxation and sleep: Cats sleep a significant portion of the day, and cat beds provide a comfortable place for them to rest, recharge, and nap.
  • Protection from drafts: Cat beds can shield cats from drafts, which is especially appreciated during colder seasons.
  • A hideaway: Some cat beds are designed with privacy in mind, offering cats a place to hide or nap without disturbance.
  • Personal space: Cats value their personal space, and a cat bed can provide a defined and designated area that is exclusively theirs.

It's important to choose a cat bed that suits your cat's preferences and needs. Consider the reasons your cat enjoys having a bed so that you can find the best calming cat bed for your cat.

best cat bed

Helping Your Cat Enjoy a New Cat Bed

It's not always guaranteed that your cat will immediately use a new cat bed. Cats can be quite particular and may need some time to adjust to the new sleeping spot. Here are some tips to encourage your cat to try out the new bed:

  • Placement: Put the bed in a location that your cat already frequents or enjoys resting in. If your cat has a favorite spot, try placing the bed nearby to increase the chances of them exploring it.
  • Familiar scent: Place an item with your cat's scent, like a blanket or a piece of bedding from their current resting place, in the new bed. This can make the bed feel more familiar and inviting.
  • Treats and toys: Entice your cat to explore the bed by placing treats or their favorite toys inside. This will pique their curiosity and encourage them to investigate the bed.
  • Catnip: Some cats are attracted to catnip. Sprinkle a small amount of catnip on the bed's surface to make it more appealing.
  • Positive reinforcement: Praise and pet your cat when they show interest in the bed or use it. Positive reinforcement can help your cat associate the bed with comfort and positive experiences.
  • Gradual introduction: If your cat is hesitant, don't force them into the bed. Allow them to explore it at their own pace. You can gently place them in the bed and see if they settle on their own, but don't push it if they resist.
  • Patience: Cats can be resistant to change, so it may take some time for them to accept the new bed. Be patient and give them time to adjust. It's normal for them to need a period of acclimatization.
  • Consistency: Keep the bed in the same location for a while. Moving it frequently may confuse your cat. Once they start using it, you can consider relocating it if necessary.
  • Covered or enclosed beds: Some cats prefer beds with an enclosed or semi-enclosed design that provides a sense of security and privacy. If your cat is more reserved, consider trying one of these styles.
  • Observe and adapt: Pay attention to your cat's behavior and preferences. If they continue to avoid the bed, you may need to try a different style or location.

Remember that every cat is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Be patient and understanding as your cat gets used to their new cat bed and provide them with choices and opportunities to explore and use it at their own pace.

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