Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle
Christmas Toy Bundle
Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle
Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle
Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle
Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle
Leos paw Christmas Toy Bundle

Christmas Toy Bundle

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  • Catnip-infused chew & kicker toys
  • Wand toy + self-holding suction stand
  • 15 cute & colorful wand attachments
  • Dental health-promoting toys with chew sticks
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Stuck in the holiday hustle, but your cat's feeling left out of the festive fun?

Our Limited-edition Christmas Toy Bundle is the ultimate way to gift your feline friend a season of joy and play!

Unwrap the magic with a collection of cute, holiday-themed cat toys. A wand toy with an array of colorful attachments – birds, worms, feathers, and more – the wire becomes a festive playground that'll keep your cat entertained for hours, and with the self-holding suction stand your cat can play even if you're not home.

Leo's Paw - Christmas Toy Bundle, Catnip Toys, Interactive Toys, Kicker Toys

The catnip-stuffed kicker toys and catnip toys with chewsticks bring a dash of cheer to playtime.

Make this holiday season unforgettable for your fur baby. Treat them to the ultimate Christmas Toy Bundle – because every cat deserves a meowy Christmas! 🎄


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