Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

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  • Keeps your cat engaged and happy
  • Prevents boredom with interactive play
  • Satisfies hunting instincts with tasty rewards
  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • Tested and approved by our own cats
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Package includes interchangeable ball and feather wand toy.
Is your cat bored and engaging in destructive behavior?
Introducing our new Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy, the ultimate solution to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated.
Say goodbye to shredded curtains and scratched furniture. This toy helps redirect your cat's attention, preventing boredom and destructive behavior by providing a stimulating and engaging activity.
This Interactive Cat Toy is a game-changer in feline entertainment. This innovative toy combines interactive play, treat dispensing, and mental stimulation to provide endless hours of fun for your beloved feline companion.
Watch as your cat pounces, bats, and chases the ball, keeping them engaged and active. The interchangeable ball and feather wand toy on top adds an extra level of excitement and interaction.
Leo's Paw - Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy - prevents boredom, destructive behaviour, anxiety and sadness
The adjustable difficulty level allows you to challenge your cat's problem-solving skills. As they play with the toy, the treats hidden inside are intermittently released, providing a rewarding challenge that keeps their mind sharp.
Leo's Paw - Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
At Leo's Paw, we prioritize your cat's safety. Every product is rigorously tested and cat-approved by our own furry friends. The Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting enjoyment.
Get yours today and give your furry friend the playtime they deserve!


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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can this toy help alleviate my cat's boredom and destructive behavior?
A: Absolutely! The toy is specifically designed to provide mental stimulation and engage your cat in play, helping to prevent boredom and redirect their energy towards healthier play behaviors.
Q: How do I adjust the difficulty level of treat dispensing on the toy?
A: Adjusting the difficulty level is easy! By simply adjusting the outlet hole for the treats, you can customize the challenge level to suit your cat's skill and provide an engaging play experience. Smaller openings increase the difficulty, while larger openings make it easier for treats to dispense.
Q: Can I switch between the ball and feather wand on the toy?
A: Yes! The Cat Toy comes with both a ball and feather wand that can be easily switched, allowing you to provide different play experiences for your cat.
Q: Is the toy suitable for all cat sizes and breeds?
A: Absolutely! The Cat Toy is designed to accommodate cats of all sizes and breeds, ensuring they can enjoy interactive playtime, regardless of their physical attributes.
Q: Can I use any type of cat treats with the toy?
A: Yes! The Cat Toy is compatible with most small-sized cat treats available in the market. You can choose your cat's favorite treats to fill the toy and enhance their play experience.

Q: Is the toy safe for my cat to use unsupervised?
A: Yes, it is designed to be safe for unsupervised use. It is made from pet-safe and durable materials, ensuring your cat can enjoy playtime with the toy even when you're not around

Q: Is the toy suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
A: The Cat Toy is primarily designed for indoor use. It's an ideal solution to keep your cat entertained and active indoors. However, it can also be used in controlled outdoor environments where your cat can safely play and explore.