Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set

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  • Keeps your cat entertained for hours
  • Provides exercise and self-amusement
  • Handmade with High-Quality Materials
  • For cats of all ages and sizes
  • In stock, ships from the US
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Introducing our Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set - the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend entertained and healthy while also improving your own sleep!
The toys help to keep your cat entertained and active during the day, which means they will be more likely to sleep soundly through the night, allowing you to get the restful sleep you need.
Leo's Paw Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set
And with its durable construction and unique designs, each toy is crafted to stimulate your cat's curiosity and natural behaviors, promoting healthy play and preventing destructive behaviors and anxiety.
Leo's Paw Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set
  • Provides your cat with stimulation, self-amusement, and energy release
  • Encourages exercise that improves your cat's health and well-being
  • A complete toy set to cover your cat's playing and hunting instincts
  • Includes 7 toys in different shapes
  • Handmade, colorful & durable 
  • Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes

Give your cat the best with our Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set - your cat will thank you with endless playtime and affection!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Handmade Interactive Cat Toy Set?
- The set includes a total of 7 toys in different shapes and colors.
How is the set interactive?
- The toy set provides stimulation, self-amusement, and allows cats to play with them by themselves.
What materials are used to make the toys?
- The toys are made of natural and non-toxic materials (Burlap, sisal, wood)
How durable are the toys?
- The toys are handmade and very durable.
Are the toys suitable for all cat breeds and ages?
- Yes, the toys are suitable for cats of all ages, sizes and breeds.
How do I use the toys to play with my cat?
- Cats can play with the balls by themselves, they love chasing them and batting them. The wooden stick lets you get involved and you can mimic prey by pulling the mouse across the floor.
Will my cat get bored with the toys quickly?
- The toys are a mix of colorful balls and mouses with bells that will catch your cat's eyes and attention and will keep your cat entertained for hours.

How long will it take for the package to arrive after I order it?
- USA: After placing your order, you can expect your package to arrive within a swift 4-7 day timeframe.

*Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed from our warehouse.
What is your return or refund policy?
- If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you're eligible for a *refund/replacement within 30 days from the time the order was received/delivered. It should be in line with our Standard Product Warranty Policy. *Refund excludes shipping & handling fees.

How do I contact customer support if I have additional questions or concerns
- Please read our "Frequently Asked Questions"  for help. If you still have questions you can email us at support@leospaw.com.