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4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door
4 Way Locking Cat Door

4 Way Locking Cat Door

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How many times a day do you get up to let your cat in or out? Or your dogs keep eating up all the food that was meant for the cat?

We love our furry little friends but sometimes these things can be annoying and time-consuming.

This 4 Way Locking Cat Door allows your cat to move in and out freely without you having to be there meanwhile giving you the control if you want the cat to only get out but not inin but not outboth in and out or fully locked.

It also works perfectly to be installed on interior doors, giving your cat some privacy from the dog or the kids.

    • NO MORE getting up in the middle of the night to let the cat out.
    • NO MORE 💩 surprises because the cat couldn't get to the litter box.
    • Weatherproof. Exterior seal for rainy days and cold winters.
    • 4 Mode Switch Lock for full control. Allow your cat In only, Out only, Both in and out or Fully Locked, your choice.
    • Brush Strip eliminates noise from the cat door closing.
    • 3 Sizes & 2 Color Options to fit all doors & cats.
    • Super easy DIY-Installation Step-by-step Instructions included.


    Note: S & M are the same sizes except the depth. The depth of size S is 0.7", making it ideal for installation on thinner places such as on screens and glass. If you're installing it on a door, choose size M or L depending on the size of your cat.

    Super Easy DIY-Installation

    1. Draw the outline of the door opening.
    2. Drill holes in each corner.
    3. Cut out a tunnel hole through the door starting from the holes you just drilled.
    4. Put the cat door in its place, mark the depth and cut the cat door to the right depth.
    (Not necessary if the door is 2.2" or over)
    5. Install the Cat Door in its place and mount the screws.

    A complete step-by-step manual is included in the package.


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