Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy (New 2023)
Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy (New 2023)
Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

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  • Engages your cat's natural hunting instincts
  • Encourages slow eating & prevents over-snacking
  • Lets you control the reward amounts
  • Interactive fun & mental stimulation
  • High-quality design for long-lasting play
  • In stock, ships from the US
  • Inventory on the way
Say goodbye to a bored cat

...And hello to an active and mentally stimulated cat.

Our toy is a labor of love, designed by fellow cat owners to bring hours of entertainment to your furry friend.

Watch as their curiosity ignites, keeping them mentally stimulated, joyfully active, and rewarded with treats.

Leos paw Automatic Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
Unleash your cat's inner hunter

The moving toy entices your furry friend to pounce and "catch" it.

The vibrant green color grabs your cat's attention, igniting their playful spirit. Peek holes add an extra thrill to inspire their natural hunting instincts.

When your cat successfully "catches" the moving toy, it automatically dispenses a few treats onto the built-in plate, rewarding their cleverness.

Control your cat's snacking habits

The treat compartment has 8 sections, allowing you to tailor the reward amount. Keep their snacking habits in check while indulging their taste buds, promoting their well-being and happiness.

Our Automatic Treat Disperser is rechargeable and included is a USB cable to keep playtime going and ensure hours of happiness for your beloved cat.

Elevate Your Cat's Playtime Today!

Order now and create unforgettable moments of joy and enrichment.

Questions? We got the answers.

Absolutely! It is designed to engage cats of all ages and sizes, providing interactive play and mental stimulation.

You can use your cat's favorite treats of various shapes and sizes. However, we recommend using smaller treats that fit comfortably into the treat compartments.

The toy allows you to adjust the treat portion by the amount of treats you put in each compartment. This lets you customize the reward size to match your cat's preferences and dietary needs.

While it is designed with safety in mind, it's always best to monitor your cat's interaction with the toy.

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