We're turning this season into a feline fiesta with an exclusive offer just for you!

For every order over $100, you'll receive our purr-fectly delightful Halloween play bundle absolutely FREE! 🧡

What's in the Bundle?

🔸 Catnip-infused mice & kicker toys
🔸 Colorful balls in various sizes and styles
🔸 Dangling catnip mouse with chirping sounds
🔸 Dental health-promoting toys with chewsticks
🔸 Dangling pumpkin toy with pressed catnip ball

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  2. Your FREE Halloween bundle will automatically be added to your cart.
  3. Wait for the doorbell ring and enjoy the Halloween fun arriving at your doorstep!

Limited Stock Available! Offer available in the US only. Valid while supplies last.

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Leos paw Halloween Cat Toy Bundle
Leos paw Halloween Cat Toy Bundle
Halloween Cat Toy Bundle
Leos paw Halloween Cat Toy Bundle

Halloween Cat Toy Bundle

Regular price $24.99 Sale price$19.99

Treat Your Cat To The Purrfect Halloween! 🎃

Prepare for a thrilling playtime with our limited edition Halloween bundle designed to keep your furry friend entertained during the fall and darker evenings!

In this paw-some package, your kitty will discover a spooky assortment of delights – from catnip-infused mice that'll have them doing feline flips to colorful balls in various sizes and styles, promising a playtime filled with pounces, bats, and adorable frolics!

Let your furball unleash their inner hunter with the dangling catnip mouse that chirps as your cat plays with it! Watch as they engage in epic wrestling matches with the kicker toys, or chase the colorful balls around the house, each crafted to stimulate their curiosity.

But hold on, there's more! The bundle also comes with chewstick toys that promote dental health while your furry friend plays. And, to top it off, your cat can enjoy a fun dangling pumpkin toy with bells and a pressed catnip ball in the center.

Order the limited edition Halloween bundle today and receive a charming Leo's Paw string bag as a free gift!

Don't let your cat miss out on the Halloween fun – treat them to the ultimate play bundle and create memories that'll last fur-ever. Hurry, limited stock is available!


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Leo's Paw - 30 day money back guarantee

Questions? We've got the answers!

What is included in the bundle?
- The bundle includes 12 Halloween-themed toys; 5 balls in different sizes and styles, catnip-infused mice and kicker toys, toys with silvervine chewsticks, and 2 dangling catnip toys; one mouse with chirping sounds and one pumpkin with a pressed catnip ball in the middle.

Are the catnip-infused toys safe for my cat?
- Yes, our catnip-infused toys are completely safe for your furry friend. We use high-quality, organic catnip that is non-toxic and provides a stimulating and enjoyable experience for your cat.

How long will it take to arrive after I order it?
- USA: After placing your order, you can expect your package to arrive within a swift 4-7 day timeframe.

*Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed from our warehouse.

What is your return or refund policy?
- If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you're eligible for a *refund/replacement within 30 days from the time the order was received/delivered. It should be in line with our Standard Product Warranty Policy. *Refund excludes shipping & handling fees.

How do I contact customer support if I have additional questions or concerns?
- Please read our "Frequently Asked Questions" for help. If you still have questions you can email us at support@leospaw.com.