We'll never forget the day we found Leo. A tiny little kitten, lost in the woods & unable to find his mommy.

Knowing he would not survive alone, we rescued him & made him part of our family.

Little did we know that Leo would become our best asset in creating high-quality cat products for our small family business.

If a product isn't approved by none other than Leo himself, then it won't make its way into our store.

We're proud to say all items are 100% #catapproved thanks to this purrty guy right here!

Leo has been busy testing out all kinds of fun toys to find the best ones for cats! After trying hundreds, he's narrowed it down and is so excited to share with everyone his very favorite finds.

So get ready for some purr-fect playtime – Leo’s Favorite Toys Set will keep your kitty entertained and happy!

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Leo's Favorite Toy Set

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  • 100% cat tested & approved toys
  • Prevents boredom & destructive behavior
  • Encourages exercise and healthy play
  • Stimulates natural hunting instincts
  • Leo's Paw storage bag included
  • Free e-book with order
  • In stock, ships from the US
  • Inventory on the way
From chew sticks and spiral toys to balls and catnip-stuffed goodies, let your cat enjoy hours of playtime fun with this handpicked collection of 18 items.
Leo's Favorite Toys

The Leo's Favorite Toys Set isn't just any cat toy collection - It's products that were carefully tested and approved by our very own ''product inspector'', Leo.

These toys bring so much joy and playfulness to Leo's life, and we know that they will do the same for your cats too.

What's Included
  • (10 pcs) Catnip Chew Toy Sticks
  • (8 pcs) Colorful Spiral Toys
  • (3 pcs) Elastic Bouncy Balls With Feathers
  • (2 pcs) Colorful Plush Balls With Bells
  • Interactive Catnip Plush Pillow
  • Spinning Feather Wand Toy
  • Realistic Replacement Bird
  • Catnip Banana Toy
  • Leo's Paw Storage bag
  • Free E-book

Happy Cat, Happy Home

Whether your cat loves to chase, pounce, or snuggle, this set has something for everyone. And with the added bonus of catnip, your cat will be even more excited to play.

Here's how this toy set promotes hunting, exercise, and play to prevent anxiety and boredom.

Prevents boredom, destructive behavior & anxiety

The catnip chew toy sticks provide a calming and soothing effect on cats, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Encourages exercise & healthy play

The elastic bouncy balls with feathers encourage exercise and healthy play, promoting a healthy lifestyle for your cat.

Encourages natural hunting instincts

The realistic bird wand toy lets your cat express their natural hunting and play instincts.

Purrfectly Packed with
Free Bonuses

This cat toy set also comes with a FREE E-book "My Happy Cat: The Secret to Keeping your Cat Happy and Preventing Boredom" and an adorable bag with the Leo's Paw logo for easy storage, or you can use the bag as a backpack to flaunt your cat's favorite store on the go!

Give your cat the gift of happiness and playfulness today, your cat will thank you for it with purrs and headbutts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're confident that Leo's Favorite Toy Set is different. Each toy has been carefully chosen and tested to ensure maximum playfulness and engagement for your cat. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We understand that some cats may be picky with their toys, which is why we've included a variety of different toys in the set. With so many options to choose from, your cat is bound to find a toy they love.

The toys are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for cats to play with.

Yes, the toys are suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.

Yes, the toys are designed to withstand rough play and are made to last.

The set comes with an adorable and convenient bag adorned with the Leo's Paw logo, making it easy to store and keep all the toys together.

Yes, the chew toy sticks, the banana toy, and the plush pillow contain real catnip, which is safe and non-toxic for cats to play with.

The set includes:

  • 10 pcs of Catnip Chew Toy Sticks
  • 8 pcs of Colorful Spiral Toys
  • 3 pcs of Elastic Bouncy Balls With Feathers
  • 2 pcs of Colorful Plush Balls With Bells
  • Interactive Catnip Plush Pillow
  • Spinning Feather Wand Toy
  • Realistic Replacement Bird
  • Catnip Banana Toy
  • Leo's Paw Storage bag

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*Refund excludes shipping & handling fees.

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