Microfiber Cat Grooming Towel

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  • Makes the fur smooth & beautiful
  • Prevents loose hair from flying around
  • Dries your cat's fur quickly & smoothly
  • Smart pocket design for easy drying

This towel is made from absorbent microfiber material that soaks up water, making drying your cat easier and quicker.

Use this microfiber towel after grooming to remove any loose hair and make the fur shiny & silky smooth.

It’s lightweight and designed with lots of surface area to make it easy to use, and it’s machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean and ready for the next bathtime.

Plus, it makes a great comfort item for your cat’s favorite place to keep them feeling warm and cozy.

  • Super absorbent and fast-drying microfiber material - Drying your cat has never been quicker or easier
  • Measures 11.8" x 23.6" (30 x 60cm) - The purr-fect size for cats and have lots of usable drying space
  • Lightweight design - Makes it easy to use and fold
  • Machine washable - Easy to keep clean and ready for your kitty's next grooming session
  • Also makes a great comfort item for your cat’s favorite place, keeping them warm and cozy
  • Color: Grey