Paw Necklace Photo Guide

1. Avoid blurry or gritty photos

Avoid blurry photos

Make sure to only upload sharp a photo where the subject is in focus and the photo is clear. The better the image the better the necklace results.

2. Avoid hard shadows or dark photos

Avoid hard shadows and dark photos
Soft and good lightning gives the best results. Avoid hard shadows or dark photos.

3. More than one cat?

Two cats in necklace
We recommend using one cat per necklace but if you want both of your cats on the same necklace, make sure that both cats are positioned next to each other with little to no space in between them. Using more than one cat will not increase size of the pendant.

4. Positioning

Cat in the middle of the photo

What's not included in the photo can of course not be included on the necklace. Your cat should be in the middle of the photo. We recommend full body photos or head-shots.